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Why do you need an SSL Certificate?
Secure browser to web server communications when collecting financial and personal data.
Secure server to server communications to improve data and network security.
Information on the internet is vulnerable to many threats such as spoofing/phishing, eavesdropping and data alteration.
Confidentiality to keep data secret from unintended listeners.
Authentication to identify with whom you are dealing.
End-to-end message integrity to ensure the information has not altered during transmission.
  Name Starter Account Business Account Premier Account
Geotrust RapidSSL $28 $23 $17
Geotrust Rapid SSL Wildcard $140 $135 $130
Geotrust Quick SSL Premium $95 $90 $85
Comodo ESSENTIAL SSL $19.99 $16.99 $14.99
Comodo INSTANT SSL $41.99 $38.99 $36.99
Comodo PREMIUM SSL $47.99 $44.99 $42.99