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Domain Escrow Service
Cnobin offer professional domain escrow service to buyers and sellers by acting as trusted third party according to buyers and sellers demands.
How Does It Work?
Step 1: Get started by filling in application form. Buyer and seller agree to terms of the transaction.
Step 2: Buyer makes payment to Cnobin's escrow account via wire transfer, Verified Paypal or credit card. Cnobin verifies the payment. The processing time varies by payment methods.
Step 3: Cnobin transfer domain to buyer efficiently.
Step 4: Once buyer has confirmed full control of the domain name, Cnobin remits the funds to the domain seller and the transaction is complete.
Domain Escrow fee
Domain escrow transactions fee can vary in price and our minimum commission is 3% of the sales price. For more details, please contact our sales support team.
Escrow Service Application Form
Domain name:
Agreed Price(USD):
Seller's full name:
Seller's Email:
Buyer's full name:
Buyer's Email:
Seller's Cnobin Login Name:
Buyer's Cnobin Login Name:
Who to pay Escrow fee:  Buyer     Seller