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  •   If you are proud that you are powerful in the field of Internet Service Provider,
  •   If you are confident that you can become the leading corporation in your area,
  •   Let help you to save more cost and increase your revenue!
  • now is searching some powerful partners for a long-term cooperation in your country.
         We assure you that you would be an exclusive Partner of in your country.
  •   Even lower price than Reseller Program
  •   Dedicated 24x7x365 Live Customer Support
  •   VCP Program Free
  •   Higher priority in problem-handling
  •   Be confident to register (including renewal/transfer) domain names at least +1000 per month
  •   Possess nice reputation in the previous years
  •   have the ability to expand business and attract more customers
  •   A solid base in your business
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